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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Teething Tales

Up until recently, I've been pretty blase about teething. It always seemed to be somebody else's problem. Hitherto, I experienced nothing of the horrors that I had previously only heard about from others. The truth is, DD#1 was the perfect teething candidate. She cut teeth without so much as a squawk during the day or the night. They seemed to just appear overnight and there was not even a drop of saliva to indicate that anything dental was happening. To top it off the little whites didn't even make that first appearance until she was nine months old. The ideal teething child...

No so with DD#2...

Okay, no doubt it could be worse... She could be screaming sporadically instead of whining constantly. She could be keeping us awake all night instead of just once or twice during the night.
A drenched bib that needs to be replaced twice a day can't be that earth shattering at least not in the same mould as a child with bad reflux expunging nutrients with clockwork regularity after each intake.

But, truth be told, I'm the poster child for whimpyness... I need sleep to maintain sanity and an evenly modulated temper. Whining children grates on the nerves and they need a lot of cuddling and comforting. I want my ME time.. Don't they care?!
Egad... temperamental teething toddlers take up time...

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