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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bringing God Back

Andrew Bolt, who writes for the Herald Sun in Melbourne had a few things to say about the recent Global Atheists Convention:

The Global Atheists Convention in Melbourne last weekend worked a miracle on me.
I’ve never felt more like believing in God. Especially the Christian one.
My near conversion occurred because the convention’s speakers managed to confirm my worst fear.
No, it’s not that God may actually exist, and be cross that I doubted. It’s that if the Christian God really is dead, then there’s not much to stop people here from being barbarians.
I’d have hoped that the Atheists Convention’s speakers would have reassured me not just by fine words but finer example that a godless society will nevertheless be a good one

Bolt, who is an agnostic, expressed his dismay and disgust at many of the comments made by well-known international and local atheists (Richard Dawkins, Robyn Williams, Ian Robinson, and Catherine Deveny) at this event.
Dawkins, who is known world-wide for his vitriol against Christianity, called Joseph Ratzinger “Pope Nazi” and mocked Family First Senator Steve Fielding as dumber than an “earthworm”. Robyn Williams, host of the ABC's Science Show took the insult further and cited Senator Fielding as the "most devastating" reason for why no one should ever adopt any kind of faith.
With all its flaws, I believe democracy is the best political system we have and for a democracy to sruvive, we need to have free speech. With the recent collapse of the global warming concensus, I feel more than ever that we need to protect free speech especially in the new media. But it seems to me pathetic for grown men (and women) to get up in what appears to be a time of learning to not just insult but demean their fellow human beings.
Personally, I don't have enough faith to be an atheist. I accept that we all see the world in different ways but I'm not convinced that atheism is a logical conclusion from observing the world and for providing a strong foundation for morality. Ironically, to be sure about one's atheism, one needs to know everything to know for a fact that there's no God. Because no human being has absolute knowledge, atheism is really a faith... a belief system without God. So like all other faiths, atheism has its fanatics, zealots and militants.

Bolt's underlying point I think, is an important one. It is hard to talk about morality without reference to God. While I would agree that religion itself is no guarantee that human beings will not descend into immorality or anarchy, societies with a strong theistic basis tend to have a stronger moral compass.

Update: Apparently, Dawkins wasn't villifying Pope Benedict (Joseph Ratzinger) but Pope Pius XII, who signed a concordat with Hitler apparently to protect the place of the Catholic church in Europe. The situation, as it is usually the case, was more complex than Dawkins' comment would have us believe.

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  1. Ugh. It rubs my fur how those atheists have no qualms about deriding Christians. So argue your case, but do it without the demeaning names. I am so glad at least some of that got through to Andrew!


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