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Saturday, March 27, 2010


So I settle down to read "25 Paths to an Insanely Popular Blog", when the 3 year old violently foists a large picture book in my line of sight. "Read Snuffle and the Sunflower, Mummy," she demands, flashing an adorable but deadly grin. I sigh... and think... ah well, at least it'll keep her out of mischief for 5 minutes.

Snuffle and the Flower is a one of two picture books that the 3 year old recieved from an aunty two birthdays ago. The other, Snuffle and the Egg, follows a similar track. Snuffle is an elephant, not an entirely bright one but I don't think this endearing picture book intends to provide its readers with any great insight into the psyche of the Elephantidae species.
Snuffle, as the story goes, is a rather lonely infant elephant always on the prowl for someone to play with. In desperation, he settles for seedlings and eggs as playmates and discovers to his great surprise... that seedlings and eggs turn into other things.
As a read-out-loud book, Snuffle works very well. Accompanying the great pictorials are short and sharp statements which allows for (this is really important for the preschoolers) easy to mimic sound effects.

Although published in Australia by Five Mile Press, Snuffle came up with zero result when I did a search on its online search engine. However, after doing a bit of googling, it does appear that the books can be sourced from certain locally-based independent online bookstores.

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