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Monday, March 22, 2010

Toilet Training Talk #2

There appears to be a particular law at work in my universe... and it goes like this -- the moment I sit down at the computer or take time out to relax, an accident occurs somewhere in the house. A piercing scream... a sharp yelp followed by weeping and wailing. The collision of two wills perhaps, the end result of defying gravity or rough play that don't tend to end up well for one or both participants.
If I didn't know better, I'd think there was a cosmic conspiracy to do me out of free time. But I do know better... and it doesn't make me less grumpy.
There is also the other kind of accident which occurs, mostly in the afternoons... a child who still hasn't quite grasped the importance of not wetting her undies as a matter of habit and necessity. Sometimes, I suspect, she does it so she can wear her entire wardrobe of underwear in one afternoon.
Two hours at the shops this morning and no accident. I was beginning to believe in the power of suggestion. "You're a big girl now... use the toilet." I even used my gentlest, most persuasive tone of voice.

But after lunch... there's where the "fun and games" began. Except that it wasn't that much fun for me. There's no scream, no cry, no wail. Just an understated "Mummy, I did a blank blank in my undies."

All I can say is... "Thank God for the washing machine."

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