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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Toilet Training Talk #3

Pardon my jubilation... Don't mind if I brag a little but the 3 year old just went to the toilet on her own bat... without urging or nagging... and voluntarily expelled her bowel movements. It's only her second time... Yesssssss!

Earlier, she went into the toilet without telling anyone and then declared in her shrill, small voice, reverberating down the corridor, that she had done "something". As is my custom, I followed her to follow up (if you get my meaning)... and was greeted with some cheery news:
"There's no pooh in my undies, mum."
"There's no pooh on my bottom."
Pointing into the toilet proudly, she declared, "Look in there mum."
"I'm very clever..."

Minutes Later...
So the news spreads around the house.
The father hears about it and says, "Good job, S... Well done. That's really good."
The big sister adds her two cents and says, "I'm very proud of you, S..."
The little one nods her head and looks sagely.
"I'm very proud, Dad."

I'm going off to do a little dance, now.

The husband makes an announcement at lunch time, "The happiest day in my life will be..."
The almost-9 year old chimes in, "You mean when we go to heaven?"
The husband thinks for a bit and changes tact, "The second happiest day of my life will be when I won't have to take out the nappy bin anymore."


  1. LOL I remember this stage well! Believe it or not one day you will be nostalgic for those beautiful baby bottoms (well when they're clean anyway) ...

  2. Yay! I'm expecting my 2.5 year old to do that one day... hoping... willing...please... :)

  3. Two Michelles... Cool.
    Honestly, Footprints... It's hard to imagine being nostalgic about this period but then I would never have imagined myself changing nappies or wiping bottoms before I had the girls.

    The Other Michelle... well, I'm pleased about this one because the first one didn't take to toilet training till she was closer to 4. So I'm pretty grateful for small mercies.


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