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Monday, March 29, 2010

Toilet Training Talk #4

I have a theory... yes indeed... and that is... unless you're courting disaster, never, ever have a tv on when you're trying to toilet train a child.

Nope. It's a mistake. An accident waiting in the wings. Quite simply because he or she will stay completely glued to the screen despite the persistent urgings of the o'l bladder. To the inscrutable toddler mind, it matters little if the internal workings of the urinary system is clamouring for immediate attention or even whether it has reached the place of no return.
The child in question or at least my child anyway... has an internal logic, which is age appropriate, believing that she can beat the odds somehow... to get away with ignoring the call of nature. To the 3 year old mind, who has not fully grasped the concept of wetting shame, the choice of staying rather than going is all too clear.

And then, before anyone can say, "God bless you please Mrs Robinson."... a great big puddle emerges from under the child.

When the television set remains a dark, pictureless box... all kinds of toilet wonders occur and better still there's no mess to mop up afterwards.

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