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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

10 Reasons Why I Love my MP3 player

1. I walk to and from school with it.

2. I listen to hundreds of sermons and podcasts with it.

3. Helps me get through the dreariness of mopping, cleaning, tidying up and ironing... hmmm... Ironing? What's that...? I have vague memories...

4. Have used it to break monotony while trying to settle babies and preschoolers... Amazing how 25 minutes just flies by when you're listening to someone far more talented or far more intelligent than you are.

5. It can carry a ton of music and other cool audio stuff in a tiny bit of plastic and metal

6. Have started to listen to audio books on it

7. Helps me to drown out the noisy children in the background relax

8. I listen to some majorly inspiring music while bashing steaks and mincing vegies. I got rhythm and rhythm means keepin that cleaver rockin'.

9. I can use it while chilling out in bed (before I get pounced on by the 3 year old)

10. It  has a radio (with some crackin' static)

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