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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Audio Book: Murder on the Orient Express

Of the many actors that have taken on the role of Hercule Poirot, David Suchet has come to personify Agatha Christie's most famous literary sleuth. Widely acclaimed (for good reason) for his depiction of the character, he is unmatched in his speech patterns down to the physicality of the role. Suchet has truly captured with exquisite perfection the intelligence, vanity and compassionate nature of this much beloved character of crime fiction. I doubt that there will ever be another Hercule Poirot for me again.

So when I saw in Borders that he had read for several Christie audio books I knew immediately I had to branch out and embrace this newish media. The cheapest way, I soon discovered, was to purchase them from Audible.com (a subsidiary of Amazon) and download directly onto one's computer. In some cases, it's $10 to $20 cheaper than buying the CD.

The Murder on the Orient Express is the vehicle for one of the most ludicrous of Christie's plots boasting an unlikely gathering of international travellers on the welll-known passenger train but Suchet has so much fun with it that one almost forgives the contrivances. The actor doesn't just read the story verbatim in his mellifluous delivery but transforms the narrative into a radio play with David Suchet, a one-man show doing voices for every character with different national accents for different genders.

As a mummy, I'm finding audio books a really great way to get a lot of reading done on the go or while scrubbing toilets. Even if you're not into downloading things from the internet, there are CDs available from online stores and from local bookstores everywhere these days.

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