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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Deanna Durbin

It has been a while... Quite a while, actually... A blast from the past. Someone on Big Hollywood mentioned the name "Deanna Durbin". Churchill was a fan, Anne Frank had a photo of her pinned in the secret annexe. At the height of her career (1936-1948), she had the largest fan club in the world. Unfortunately for us but probably good for her, Durbin didn't care much for the studio system and retired from all manner of public life in 1949.

Until yesterday I hadn't heard anyone mention Deanna Durbin for years. So of course, I had to take a trip down memory lane and headed straight for You Tube. With the fidgety 3 year old on my lap, I tuned into listen to my favourite tracks from my favourite Durbin flick, Something in the Wind. The next best thing about that film is the wonderfully versatile Donald O'Connor. Within seconds, the non-napping toddler was mesmerized. Pity it didn't send her to sleep though.

Here's Durbin singing Ave Maria with the Vienna Boys Choir.
Durbin singing The Turntable Song from Something in the Wind.
Donald O'Connor does a comic turn in Something in the Wind.

I blame Bill Collins (remember him?) for turning me into a fan... the man adored Durbin and presented many, if not all her movies on Channel 10 back when the networks still showed classic Hollywood films during prime time on weekends.
Those were the days... and I miss 'em...


  1. They just don't make movies like they did back then. I love old movies too. I watched so many of them on a Sunday afternoon while growing up. I miss those lazy Sunday afternoons.

  2. She has a beautiful voice!! Maybe I'm conservative, but I prefer these rounded voices, rather than the raspy chorals of the young singers.

  3. Yeah, Deanna Durbin was one of the best -- she could do operatic pieces and pop standards.

    Just love these old movies. Should blog about them some time.

  4. Those Bill Collins presentations of Deanna Durbin movies was when I became a fan. Many years later I now run the largest and most popular DD website in the world.


  5. You too, eh? Cool. Wow... thanks for dropping by.


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