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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Grobag Sleeping Bag

I know I'd probably get into a lot of trouble saying this but I'm very uncomfortable with what I call the "baby" industry. I don't have problems with free enterprise, honest but there's a lot of stuff out there for sale that's nothing more than gimmicks, designed to part us with our money. And as my brother says, anything with "baby" in its label costs twice as much as its more generic equivalent.

BUT there a few things I think are real advances in baby care that are genuine must haves and one of them is the sleeping bag... or in my case, the Grobag which I bought for my second child. And really, it was worth every cent. My friend Jenny put me onto it and swore by it. And Jenny is a pretty down to earth sort of person not prone to fads. So I asked my parenting mentor about it and she said, rather dispassionately that "A sleeping bag is a good thing to have."
As you probably guessed I'm a bit of an El Cheapo when it comes to buying stuff particularly for children under the age of 5. I don't shop at Myers or David Jones except once a year at the post-Christmas sales and I don't buy Pumpkin Patch etc etc. I just can't bear the thought of my preschoolers soiling and abusing a good branded dress or shirt with food or paint stains... it just tortures me and drives me insane. And I use a good laundry detergent too. Personally, I just don't see the point. They don't know the value and it doesn't appear that they care much either. And if yours are like mine, they are generally attached to one or two outfits each season anyway.

The Grobag, however, I like... even if it's on the expensive side. It comes in varying thickness and sizes and provides a pretend thermometer guide to help you choose the right one for the right time of the year. The way I see it though is that you save money on heating and concerned parents can go to bed stress-free not having to worry if your child has kicked off his/her blanket for the tenth time or if the thermostat in their room working properly.
Truthfully though, you don't have to get the Grobag brand... I'm sure that there are other sleeping bags that are just as effective. But I strongly recommend that people get one especially when the weather gets cooler and if you're keen to stave off the winter bugs and ensure that (the most important reason IMO) your child gets a really good night's sleep.

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  1. Yep, I love sleeping bags too. Haven't yet gone to the Grobag, as it seemed so expensive. Maybe they could have one good one (grobag) each...


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