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Friday, April 16, 2010

Reversing the Homework Blues: Day Three

It's probably too early to break out the champagne or the cigars yet... (I don't imbibe alcohol or smoke, by the way... so a good meal in restaurant might be in the works) but we're seeing a cheering difference in the almost-9 year old. While I'm no New Ager, there's definitely a more positive energy emanating from her the last couple of days.
She still hyperventilates from frustration at not getting things right the first or second time but at least she's not giving up in despair. I used to think it was all a kind of theatrical statement on her part... posturing to get her way or to get out of doing stuff but it does seem, more and more that she is really a closet perfectionist.

We did have a hyperventilating, tantrumy moment while practising Chinese (pronunciation needs work) but I drew on my teaching experience, thank goodness and managed to still the beast.

Debbie, another mummy blogger, wrote this excellent post about being intentional about one's parenting. Many of us are involved in other areas of life -- paid job, volunteer work, church ministry and we're often planning programmes/activities as much as a year or two ahead and have set strategies for troubleshooting. It makes a lot of sense, therefore, that we also have plans and strategies in how we deal with our children. But if you're like me, parenting is something that sort of happens to you and you kind of try to survive one day at a time. On a bad day, you might even wonder why you put your life on hold for these little whining ingrates. Worse still when we're in the depths of despair (to quote Anne Shirley)... we wonder why the Almighty in his sovereignty deigned to entrust us with these precious souls.

The Sovereign Lord in his manifold wisdom is probably thinking of Romans 8:28 and Romans 12:1,2. He's doing his transforming work at different levels and ouch... does it hurt or what...

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