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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reversing the Homework Blues: Day Two

I've come to the conclusion that for my almost 9 year old... a cumulative reward system doesn't really work. For her, the reward must come immediately. It doesn't always have to be pocket money... but free time to do things that she's interested in doing... like Mathletics or a few rounds on the Wii. It seems to revitalize her... fills her emotional tank. And throwing lots of verbal encouragement is really important for her. More likely than not, it is her love language. That and gifts.
But I have come to the realization that for her to commit to this, I must also be committed to making it work. It means close supervision, encouragement when she's discouraged and positive reinforcement over and over again.
I've interspersed the hard stuff with the fun stuff, following the advice of several blogs I've read, to break up homework into 20 minute blocks and follow each block of work with short bursts of playtime. I think trying to make her sit for an hour was quite unrealistic, considering how distractible she is.

I wonder how long it'll last though. But two days in, and she hasn't asked to watch tv yet.

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