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Monday, April 19, 2010

Toilet Training Talk #8

About time too. A major milestone in our struggle at last. But I am still a child of my ancestors and deep, deep down, there still lurks a superstitious gene casting doubt.
I will resolve to maintain some level of stoicism, lest the 3 year old makes a liar out of me in the morning,  reverting somewhat inconveniently to emptying her bowels into her undies.

A moment months in the making. It could have been the place... it could have been the time of the day... or it could have been that particular recepticle... finally... using the loo was no longer an optional extra to answer nature's call.

We were at Nana's earlier today. I was deep in conversation with Nana when I was informed by the hyperolfactory sensitive husband that the 3 year old had declared to him confidently that she had done "a poo" in the toilet.
Too cowardly to check up on the veracity of that statement himself, he rudely interrupted my conversation and nudged me to follow up. I went to inspect, prepared to be amazed.
And whaddaya know, she did do a "poo" in the toilet, independent of any adult supervision. She quietly went on her own and afterwards, possibly in urgent need to brag to someone (and for someone to clean up aftewards) about the whole event, she went and told someone.

Well, I'm in urgent need to brag to someone express my jubilation... so I'm... erm... blogging about it.


  1. That's an improvement!! I'm hoping to get P to be toilet trained soon too... She's holding her bladder really well and a bit too well, cos everytime she does a wee, it leaks. The nappy hasn't had time to absorb them all at once.

  2. Sigh... just about everybody I know has their children trained before I do.
    It's a conspiracy, I tell ya!

  3. Unfortunately, toilet training is just one thing that cannot be forced upon. After that one week of staying home with P in Dec to toilet train her, I'm letting her tell me when she's ready. Hope ur toilet training will be over soon!

  4. Yeah, I tried that one week thing last year and I knew pretty much after that there was no way she was ready.
    But I know at least she's getting there now because she's having fewer and fewer accidents and she's actually going to the toilet by herself without being harangued every hour.


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