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Monday, May 3, 2010

Activity Box

I have an "Activity Box".
You know the one I mean... The one that you cart around with you when you go on holidays to keep the kiddies occupied in between trips to the beach/playground. The one that contains an assortment of STUFF...
My STUFF looks to me to be uninteresting... colouring sheets/books, colouring pencils, crayons, scrap paper, a few board books, jigsaws, music CDs and DVDs.
I have a separate "Craft Box" for everyday use.

I am on the hunt for a few ideas... What kind of STUFF do you have in your "Activity Box"?


  1. my box/bag has been scattered throughout our house! I used to keep things that were a little special like glitter pens or smelly pens - those small magnetic picture scenes (shrek was a favourite)

  2. Might be a bit young for your kiddies, but my daughter loves her felt boards. We have "Noah's Ark" scene. Other than that, just all the kind of stuff you mentioned already - crayons, paper, books, puzzles...

  3. @Michelle -- You know, I might still have some gel/glitter pens somewhere.

    @Julie -- Felt Creations! Yeah, I've got a few of those somewhere. Stashed out of sight. Good idea. Definitely appropriate for the kiddies.


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