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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crafty Moments: Handmade Cards #2

Well, I'm emerging temporarily from my self-imposed card-making exile to do a few internet things. Pity it takes me a long time to get one completed to my satisfaction but alas, I like variety and on a utilitarian note, I don't have sheets and sheets of the same kind of patterned or plain cardstock. Besides, it feels too much like homework doing the same o'l same o'l.

My craft table has morphed several times from disaster area to unuseable to manageable back to disaster area.

I'm a bit of a hoarder... having accumulated a whole range of craft items over the last 14 years. Now that I've jumped back on that horse (in a manner of speaking), I think I realise that there's not much point in letting the stuff lie dormant, collecting dust. All this started because I was trying to give someone a bit of pleasure... whether it was me or someone else.
I had a vague notion that DD#1 was going to inherit all my junk, but I've never really encouraged her to use any of it in the past for fear of ruining the really good stuff. It's ridiculous I know... Talk about being irrational.

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  1. The cards are sooooo beautiful! It'd take me ages to come up with one. Hope they'll do well on Sat!


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