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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Film Talk 16.5.10 What's Coming Soon

I'm not sure what it is with Hollywood and remakes. But the worst kind seems to be remakes of popular television shows. You have to give them credit though, for persisting despite the fact the great majority have been complete duds. And for good reason.
With their track record of pillaging the past, it was only a matter of time that they would turn their attention to the 80s hit, "The A-Team", which incidentally, is one of my childhood favourites. Looking at the trailer, I'm vaguely optimistic... it does seem to be made in the spirit of the original. However, as much as I admire Liam Neeson, it's mind-bending to imagine anyone else but George Peppard as Hannibal Smith smugly declaring, "I love it when a plan comes together."

It's difficult to know, looking at this trailer what the new Robin Hood is all about. It looks kinda arty... beautifully shot, obligingly medieval with the usual paraphernalia... plus a respectable body count... Still, it begs the question, what is the story about? I'm scratching my head, hoping that the film is better than it looks... Crowe and Blanchett are terrific actors... and I'm largely drawn to this flick because of them.

I don't mind Matt Damon... he's been in a few good things. Unlike most people, I thought he was miscast as Bourne but the films were decent enough that it didn't really matter all that much.
He's in a new flick with Emily Blunt, which looks to have an intriguing plot. The film, The Adjustment Bureau, is based on yet another Philip K Dick story. Emily Blunt, whom I liked a lot in The Young Victoria, is the second biggest selling point of this film for me. Young Matt, however, looks extremely uncomfortable in the trailer... almost as if he's been compelled by an outside force to twist his largish physique into a Victorian corset.

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