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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lena Horne and Stormy Weather

In our footloose and fancy free days... circa BC (Before Children), the husband and I used to attend the Brisbane International Film Festival fairly regularly. As I'm not beyond a bit of shameless name dropping, I will also mention that we were in the same room as Kevin Spacey one year while he was promoting Albino Alligator.

At the risk of sounding highly immodest, I didn't do too bad a job picking films from reading synopses and one year, we hit the jackpot with a musical featuring an all-black cast. It was the title that caught my eye... Stormy Weather... named for the song, undoubtedly.The acting was nothing special... but the MUSIC... the dancing... was eye popping stuff. The cast included Lena Horne, Dooley Wilson, Fats Waller, Bill Robinson, Cab Calloway, Nicholas Brothers -- a veritable who's who of African American entertainers.

Lena Horne passed away on the 9 May at the age of 92.  She had a long career in music and was involved in the Civil Rights movement. For more on her life in movies and music look here.

This is my favourite part of the same film:

Before Fred and Gene, there was the Nicholas Brothers...

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