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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Weekly Link Frenzy 1.5.10

This a beauty. Political correctness on steriods. British academic argue that wildlife documentaries filming animals most "intimate moments" is infringing their right to privacy.

How Avatar should really have ended. Nasty... but logical. Got a chuckle out of me.

My favourite political and cultural commentator, Mark Steyn, says why he thinks Western civilization is gradually coming to an end. Nothing rabid actually... just lots of disheatening statistics and present day realities.

A series of action-packed novels for the teens in your life. I'm thinking about getting them for our nephew.

While I've never been a huge fan of the Bob Dylan school of singing, I don't think he's the fraud that others think he is.

A plug for a hard-working Aussie mum from Mackay engaged in her own business, selling organic, aromatic soaps. They look good enough to eat, I have to say.

Some early reviews of Iron Man 2. Here, here and here. Sounds like yet another case of sequelitis. I enjoyed the first installment but I didn't think it was quite as amazing as everyone else seemed to think it was. But then I'm one of those who hold the opinion that nothing else in the superhero genre quite matches Christopher Nolan's Batman series for compelling storytelling and all-round awesomeness without heavy reliance on CGI. Except maybe... Spiderman 2.

I don't care for South Park much. Not my cup of tea. Too vulgar and crass for my taste. But this analysis of the whole debacle touches on some salient points for those of us who value our democratic institutions.

Got a few spare pennies? In the market for a medieval castle? It's probably more affordable than you think in this current economic climate. Probably more affordable any than waterfront property in any major Australian city.

Good news for coffee drinkers. Maybe. Not me though.

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