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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Southside International MOPS Fundraiser May 2010

As I've mentioned on previous occasions I belong to a mother's group called MOPS, a cutesy acronym for Mothers of Preschoolers. Each year MOPS holds a conference for the leadership of MOPS groups all over the country and this year in October, MOPS leaders will be gathering together in the outskirts of Sydney for the Australasia Conference.
A member of our steering team had the notion that we should piggy back on our church garage sale and organize a food stall to raise funds for the coming conference.
And so we did...

This is moi and my lovely assistant, Vivian promoting our wares. Not a difficult task, mind you, the wontons sold out in 2 hours.

Moving out of the sun, members of our baked goods stall awaits patronage.

Bargain hunters out in full force... all in search of the Holy Grail of garage sales -- a steal.

It's almost noon... and it's time to pack up. With only a trickle of bodies coming through, the team takes it easy... and indulges in a little chit chat and delectable delights.

Who knew... selling food could be so fun... and I have an inkling that certain people in our church are going to suggest that we do this again... and on a larger scale.

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