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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Toilet Training Talk #10

It's been a while since I last posted anything on this ongoing saga.
Well, we're at an impasse, which is why. No new developments and no reason to throw a party, in a manner of speaking. Although I may do a party out of sheer motherly relief when THE DAY arrives.
While accidents happen occasionally, the delivery of solids is still largely problematic. Perhaps the internal plumbing doesn't quite compel her to the same extent in that department. One would think, however, that the ickiness of stuff clinging to her bottom would be a huge motivating factor for getting to the toilet ASAP.

There are days when one is tempted to take it personally but of course, that's ridiculous... why would a 3 year old purposely poo in their pants right? It can't be that thrilling and it can't be revenge for all those times when mummy said "no". Or some perverse pleasure at seeing mummy getting her hands dirty. Surely not.

I've more or less resigned myself to a drawn out process. You see, I'm getting toilet trained too in the school of patience. I tell myself at least she's going most of the time. But I'm really looking forward to not having to spray wash soiled undies one day...

Photos from Porcelain Poetry.

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