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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Defrosting the Freezer

A couple of years ago, I had the bright idea of getting a bar freezer for storing bulk buys and leftovers. The fridge we bought though adequate was pathetically small but we didn't have much choice because the people who built this house  didn't leave a lot of room for a real family sized fridge. So we thought that if we got ourselves a freezer of some description, we could take advantage of hard-to-ignore good deals and have a place to stash them. I didn't want a chest freezer... my parents had one of those in the old house and it was horrible to defrost and clean. And with our limited budget we thought a cute little bar freezer with drawers would be adequate for our needs.

After doing a bit of looking around we finally got ourselves one. It was mostly fine and dandy for a while (not enough space) until it hit us one day that the thing wasn't exactly frost free. With children digging in and out of it for ice blocks, it started to frost up pretty quick. The sensible housewifely thing to do would have been to  nip it in the bud. Human nature being what it is, it's just so much easier to watch the thing frost up one icicle at a time than to defrost the plates and the coils and all the difficult-to-get-to corners. Besides, the freezer almost always seemed inconveniently full of stuff. And well, I'm lazy too. Such a tedious thing to have to do. Out of sight, out of mind. There are times when it pays to be blind. (I suppose I could have offered to pay the 9 year old $1 to do it before it had turned 3 inches thick) But as it is the case with guests that overstay their welcome all things that need to be cleaned out, they don't go away happily on their own. But as it got harder and harder to yank those drawers in and out, I was finally imbued with a rare burst of diligence and started to chip away at all the protruding bits of ice in protest.

My own little piece of Antarctica... Why pay money to go there when you can experience it in your own home?

The crazy 3 year old that lives in my house thought it was the most exciting example of cause and effect she had ever seen and hooted with delight each time a piece of ice came tumbling down. Applying her keen powers of observation, she transformed into an ice-drinking back seat driver. "Hey, mum... there's one there. Over there, mum. There's more, mum." Her motives were all too clear. Stretching her little hand out for melting ice and then slurping it down for good measure.
At least I knew where she was while I had my back turned.

My own ice cave scene right out of Vertical Limit

A good backup plan, by the way, just in case we run out of water

Not as thick as some

"I'm free at last... Thank God Almighty I'm free at last!"


  1. Had to do something similar with our frost-free freezer. Something about not turning to the max and leaving it there you say...

  2. Funny! thanks for the reminder - I must do mine!!!

  3. @Michelle: Happy to be of service.

  4. How awesome! I never thought of doing something like this, though I have HATED the mess that always exists in freezers! Great post!



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