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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Footprints Magazine Blog Tour

Although I'm relatively new to the whole mummy blogging scene, I've become aquainted with a number of wonderful people through this blog via connect2mums. One of whom is Janet Camilleri, who is the editor of Footprints, an Australian magazine devoted to issues of interest to Christian women. Footprints recently celebrated it's 50th issue, which I believe is the inspiration for this blog tour.

If Footprints is something that interests you, you can request a free trial issue by sending your name and address to editor@footprintsaustralia.com. 

For my leg of the blog tour, I gave Janet the third degree (sort of), and asked her how Footprints has become a means for her to influence the Christianity community and beyond.

So who is Janet Camilleri? Distill her down to her essence...

I am a child of God; wife to Lawrence for over 20 years; mum to a 16 year
old boy, and a 13 year old girl; writer; Footprints editor; office worker;
sister; friend; church member ... I wear a lot of hats! I am a work in
progress :-)

So what do you do for fun?
Work on Footprints of course! LOL. Seriously though – I love spending
quality time with my husband, chatting over a cup of tea; or relaxing with
a good movie or decorating show on TV. I like to get outside and shoot a
few hoops with the kids; play with my pet cockatiel, and cuddle my cat
(but not at the same time, of course)! In my “spare” time I enjoy putting
together 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles and losing myself in a good book. Oh,
and I love catching up with friends for coffee.

What do you think is the single most important issue for the Australian Christian woman? How does Footprints address that?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one single most important issue. I know
that loneliness, depression, infertility and busy-ness are commonplace;
but probably the biggest issue for Aussie Christian women today is
BALANCE. We all have heaps of balls to juggle – work, family, marriage,
ministry, church, fun, housework, maybe studies or community involvement.
What we seek to do is help Aussie women find creative ways to manage their
lives, to look at things in a different light, to open their eyes to the
bigger picture, to help them with their struggles, and remind them they
are NOT alone. But most of all, we aim to help them find and enjoy a
personal relationship with our Father God because ultimately, He is the
only one who can bring true balance to our lives!

How did your journey with Footprints begin? Where do you see it going?

Would you believe I started my first “magazine” when I was 13 years old?
So I guess you could say it was in my blood! “Footprints” was first
conceived at a women’s camp in September 1997. My friend Jo and I were
lamenting the lack of any Australian women’s publications that were
positive, uplifting, and relevant to our lives as women of faith (there
were some around, I just didn’t know about them at the time). I’ve always
loved magazines and I had reached a point in my spiritual journey where I
was just so over the materialism, celebrities, new age, and casual
attitude to sex found in most of the glossies. The idea took firm hold and
barely three months later, the first issue of “Footprints” was born!

It was nothing flash, but we had to start somewhere! As to the future –
I’d love to see it become a glossy, full colour publication, available in
newsagents and bookshops across Australia. Maybe I could even give up my
day job and work on “Footprints” full time!

What factors do you credit for Footprints's success?

Footprints” hasn’t been an overnight success – we’ve been publishing
quarterly for over 12 years now. The longer we have been around, the more
credibility we have achieved in the eyes of others. In our early days many
people and churches did not take us seriously – we were just a “bunch of
housewives” with some hare-brained scheme to publish a Christian magazine.
We just keep doing our best – our God deserves nothing less! – and truly,
it is up to God what He then does with it.

You keep mentioning the royal “we” – who are you referring to?

When I first shared my vision for a Christian women’s magazine, I was
blessed to find several friends who immediately pledged their support –
and so we became the “Footprints Team”. Over the years, the Lord has
brought new people into the Team with various giftings and backgrounds –
today we are blessed to have writers, a psychologist, a counsellor, an
accountant, a web editor and others in our midst. And each one has caught
the vision of “Footprints” and does what she can to support the vision,
whether that be promoting the magazine, writing articles, speaking at
church ladies’ groups, uplifting our ministry in prayer, taking minutes,
or hosting the group for meetings. I couldn’t have done it without them
and I love the way God has brought us together – today we are not just a
“Team”, we have made some awesome friendships as well!

Can Footprints be a force for good outside the Christian community?
Definitely! We've heard from several non-believers over the year who just
enjoy having something inspirational and "home-grown" to read. Others have
even revealed that it has brought them closer to God, like this lady:

"I am not a religious person but if I keep reading Footprints, you might
convert me!”

Many of the articles in Footprints offer practical advice and ideas that
can be taken on board by anybody, not just Christians.

Do you feel that the new media has been helpful in promoting Footprints or hindering its development?

Some say that print magazines are on the way out and everything will be
digital before long - I think print mags will be here for a while yet. And
when and if digital is the way to go, I am sure we will adapt. For now
though, new media has been absolutely FANTASTIC for spreading the word
about Footprints - we have a blog, Facebook page, website, and free
monthly ezine. The great thing is these are all (mostly) free, available
24/7, and a way of getting our name and magazine in front of people on a
regular basis.


  1. Hi Lil, thank you for having us at your "place", it's been a pleasure! By the way, if visitors to your blog are interested in finding out more, they can request a free trial issue of Footprints by sending their name and address to editor@footprintsaustralia.com.

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  5. All kudos to Janet really.
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