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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just Another Day on Planet Mum : Sick Day

I spent most of yesterday lying in bed suffering the agonies of an inexplicable stomach condition. It had none of the usual symptoms, just waves of pain that would come and go, at will. I had made the mistake of  drinking a cup of white tea after I got up, which seem to exacerbate the inner rumblings. The discomfort also turned into queasiness. Although it was preferable to be reclining in a horizontal position, bed wasn't much of a refuge. So there wasn't much else I could do but watch videos to take my mind off the pain. Equally telling was my lack of interest in food, which is completely out of character for me.

I spent most of the morning wondering about whether I'd make it to the Homework Club that I've volunteered for. I didn't feel it was right for my friend, Pat, to have to handle 8 or more children, with specific needs, on her own. So I remembered that my grandmother with her mountains of ointments and lotions used to rub strong-smelling stuff on any offending parts of our body for relief.

I'm no doctor nor advocate of eastern medicine... but at least 3 generations of women in our family have used Tiger Balm for an assortment of pain relief and generally it seems to work. I've also found it helpful for taking the edge off mozzie bites which are the bane of my summer existence.

While I'm generally agnostic about eastern remedies... I don't think it's completely bunkum... 5 plus thousand years of experimentation can't be completely awry. Once upon a time it was all Chinese people had to treat a variety of ailments before they came in contact with the west. As long as "true believers" don't get all new agey and mystical on me, I don't generally find alternative medicine objectionable. Herbs, are plants afterall, and a significant part of God's creation for our benefit.

Anyway, I'm convinced that God must have wanted me to be there because I felt much better soon after application of the ointment and managed to get to Homework Club with Pat driving us there. Feeling the grace of God on me the entire time I was there interacting with the children, my stomach felt quite normal.

As soon as we left the place, I sank into the car seat completely worn out by an hour of talking and teaching. I was very, very thankful for a little reprieve. By the time we got home, it was about ten past 5. I collapsed into bed as soon as I could. The 9 year old came and sat with me while we watched on old A-Team clip.
At half-past 5, the husband came home, having picked up the 3 year old, who had spent the day at kindy.

I did fall asleep after having a bite to eat around 6:30 and then woke up with a throbbing headache at around 8 when the 9 year old came in to say good night.

My stomach woes seem to have passed, for now... the headache seems to have dissipated. But... do I feel sleepy or what...

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  1. Sounds like I got what you've got. Draining. Hope you'll be better soon.


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