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Friday, June 4, 2010

Of 9 Year Olds and Vampires

I am peeved.
Very, very peeved as a matter of fact.
According to my 9 year old, there's a girl in school that's hassling her. It's not the usual kind of bullying apparently because this other 9 year old is adamant that she is a vampire and while we might indulge children certain roleplaying fantasies in an age appropriate manner, she seems insistent that my 9 year old become one too.
As I was not privvy to any of the conversations, I was somewhat inclined to think that my 9 year old was dramatizing a bit. But it's the third time she's brought this up this week and now she's even locking doors (which she's never done before) when the sky turns dark because of this newfound fear. So I'm obliged to take this seriously... and to take it up with the teacher.

This incident is turning my 9 year old into a nervous nelly which isn't hard considering that she's... well... wildly imaginative and temperamentally jumpy most days even without the mention of vampires. She even said to me on our way home from school today that she's thinking about not going to school lest she gets accosted by the aforementioned classmate who seems determined to convert her to the cause.

I've never been a huge fan of the horror genre in print or in film but this whole Twilight "phenomenon" is sanitizing vampirism in a way never before portrayed in fiction, making it available and attractive to children at a much younger age through merchandising. Needless to say, I don't want my children to think of vampirism as something to aspire to -- it's fictional for one thing, but it contains a certain kind of sexual deviancy. It's not the same thing as a child believing in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy.

Maybe I live in another reality because it doesn't seem to bother other parents. But the whitewashing and onslaught of vampire merchandising appears to be everywhere. It rather worries me that a 9 year old has been permitted to delve into vampire fiction -- not just because of the influence he/she might have on others but to fill her mind with these semi-erotic images at such an impressionable age cannot be healthy.

Doug Wilson, an American pastor, has broken it down in this video clip as to why he objects to the Twilight series. It's definitely worth a look. He also makes some salient points about the origins of horror fiction.


  1. I do struggle with Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Chocolate eggs, Fairies and the mythical with my children. I hope Miss 9 will be able to get over this vampire episode soon and the friend in school will stop this vampire nonsense.

  2. That's terrible Lilian, I really feel for you and especially your little girl, she must be terrified and understandably so.

    I really hope you can sort this thing out soon. Isn't it sad that our children have so much to be frightened of these days and now it looks like vampires are added to the list as well. All the best.


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