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Saturday, June 19, 2010

School Fete 2010

School fetes are calculated to break the family budget. At least that's the conclusion that I've come to after spending a heap of money on food and rides and pre-loved stuff. Thank God I had the sense to buy an all day pass ride for the 9 year old at the early bird rate. What wasn't so smart, was me NOT buying one for the frisky 3 year old who was ready to jump on everything that moved. Daredevil that she is, she was ready to do a Roy Rogers on a couple of nervous-looking alpacas who were brought in to show off their woollen exteriors. To her 3 year old mind, they looked like horses. I thought they were llamas.

Well, I was exhausted after all that. Nothing seems quite as exhausting as people standing around, nibbling on junk food, watching their children going round and round, up and down...

Could just be me...

The most excitement I had was looking through the pre-loved book tables. But then few things excite me more than looking at books. What was really exciting was finding a copy of one of Enid Blyton's Famous Five books and paying only 50 cents for it. It was pretty tatty but I am of the opinion that the 9 year old needs to read some old school writing. Mostly I bought a stack for our Tuesday Homework Club for the children to pick up and read in their spare time.
You know what I think is really sad about children's books today... so much of it is shameless merchandising: Disney Princesses, Wiggles (I love 'em too but...), Hi 5, Sesame Street etc etc. 'Tis a bit sad if those tables were anything to go by. Surely it can't be that difficult to get kids to read books that aren't based on some tv show or cartoon?

After a few wrestling bouts with the 3 year old after she attepted illegal entry into rides, I decided it was time we took ourselves home. She, of course, had other ideas and was pretty loud about it so we had a look at a few farm animals conveniently located at the entrance/exit. She seemed to enjoy petting them.

But in the end, the spoilsport that I am, I did the parental thing, took charge *ahem* and made her sit in the stroller and wheeled her out of the school gate as quickly as I could. In protest, she whined with great clarity, "Daddy" repeatedly to my great annoyance. Annoyance soon turned into nervousness and embarrassment. As soon as I realised the implications, I was desperately hoping no one was thinking that I was kidnapping my own child.

Tired of the whining, I pulled out the Aussie flag that she was playing with earlier and gave it to her. She grabbed it gleefully, twirling and waving it all around. That plugged the gob for good until we finally arrived home.


  1. I needed a laugh before bed tonight! I agree with the books - I refuse to buy any 'character' merchandise (I leave it for the relatives if they so wish to spend their money that way). Oh, just be careful with the flag....my 3 year old had a trip to hospital recently after he shoved the flag stick up his nose!

  2. I'm the same Lilian. I refuse to buy those type of books. They are so common though. I really have to sort through the books at op shops to find the 'good' books for the kids. It's worth it though.


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