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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Spectre of Spectator Sport

Another Qld-NSW State of Origin game has come and gone... and I missed it. Actually I was out with a friend watching a movie and she happened to mention that she thought that the second game was on that night. Which explained why the cinema was eerily quiet and our session was so poorly attended.

Spectator sport, to put it gently, doesn't rock my boat. Frankly speaking, I'd rather watch grass grow or the 9 year old nibble on her cereal. Even though I've lived in a sports mad country for years, the bug has managed to elude me. If anything, my interest in anything sporting competitions has waned over the years. Even the Olympics, which I used to enjoy for it's diversity of events has become for me just another date on the calendar. These days, I just can't muster much enthusiasm for this unhealthy brew of scandal and political wheeling and dealing at every level. But the truth is nothing is more dull, in my opinion, than watching someone else throw, kick or hit a ball around and then do a bit of running around on a field. Don't even get me started on car racing which seems to be an exercise in repetitive futility. It's not my intention to denigrate the skill of the participants because there is skill involved but I don't feel particularly obliged to sit and watch for hours on end or stay up for live telecasts. It's yawnsville...

Oddly though, I am immensely fond of sports-oriented flicks like Field of Dreams, For the Love of the Game, Bobby Jones: A Stroke of Genius, The Blind Side, and Sea Biscuit. But it's the story I like... the sport is almost irrelevant.

Once upon a time I did feel vaguely interested in the World Cup and the English Premiere League. That, however, was a very long time ago when I was an impressionable, unthinking schoolgirl and was easily caught up in the fever of the fervent. Peer pressure and all that. Although looking back with greater sagacity, it was most likely the good-looking men in shorts that captured the imagination of my schoolmates. Good-looking men sweating and occasionally shirtless can render even the most sensible of schoolgirls senseless. For good or for ill, soccer is huge internationally and in the island city state I spent the first sixteen years of my life sweltering in, it's a national past time. To this day, I still have vivid memories of  family members huddling in front of the tv and watch Singapore and Malaysia fight to the death, in a symbolic sense. Once in a while, the chorus line will make all the usual noises either in condemnation or adulation. Actually (this being Singapore) one could hear the entire neighbourhood booing, hissing, cheering on cue depending on which side of the causeway one happen to hail from.

These days I'm a mum of two girls and the only sport I'm interested in is walking to school. But on these cold winter mornings, even that can be a hard ask.

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  1. you're funny, Lilian! But I do agree with you that major sporting competitions are already days of the past and bear no significance to my life whatsoever. Perhaps until a close kin plays internationally in sports.


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