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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Children Behaving Civilly

The o'l ticker does flip flops when the kiddies decide to act like civllized human beings. It makes the mummy soul feel all gooey, bursting with warm and fuzzy sensations when the munchkins are oozing with niceness... if only for an hour or two. It certainly puts the 25 +10 hour labour in joyous perspective.

"Oh... L (9 year old) forgot to lock her door. I'll do it..."
"Thank you S... (3 year old)" says I. "You're being really helpful."
"Thank you, S..." says the 9 year old.
"You're welcome..." says the 3 year old.
"You're the best little sister in the world." says the 9 year old who proceeds to give her little sister a friendly pat.

Yeah.... the sun is shining...  we're all brimming with good will... and playing happy families. All's well with the world.

Lately, I've tried not to solve intersibling conflicts at their behest. It's not so easy with the 3 year old who finds too much satisfaction with the tattle tale role. She complains at the drop of a hat and incriminates the big sister far too readily.  "L won't let me play with Ariel (the semi-nude red head Barbie-esque doll)... blah blah blah."
The 9 year old is learning fast that disputes that degenerate into screaming matches see them both doing time out in the bathroom and bedrooms. I leave it to her to remind the younger sister what the end result of mutual bullying will be. I also get them to tell me as far as it is possible how they are going to solve the dispute. When I'm in a good mood, I even give them options "You share or you can go and sit in the bathroom."

The kitchen timer has become my newest best friend. Actually, my kitchen timers... plural... I have one next to my cooktop, one on the fridge and one in the laundry. There should be another one but it's gone AWOL. Hmmm...
The timers keep us and the kids on our toes. We use them to
  • keep track of tv time to move into another activity
  • keep track of homework
  • for time out
  • keep track of shower time
  • spur the 9 year old on at breakfast
  • for cooking.... duh...
  • pick up the pace while doing chores

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