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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Errands and Errant Offsprings

Tuesday, 14 July

Today... was one of those glorious days for which Queensland is reknowned. Despite a moderately chilly morning to kick start the day, the weather warmed so wonderfully that even a cold coward like myself was able to wonder around the house without a jumper or a jacket by lunch time.
After dropping the children off at kindy and then at school, I came home and tackled the laundry immediately. There were blankets to wash and baskets of clothes to put away. Some days, I stare blankly at the mountains of washing and wonder where they all come from... and why they never stop coming. Some weeks when there's spate of bad weather, it's almost as if there's an extra person living in the house... a creepy, invisible sentient being that seems to be conspiring with the rain.
But today the sun was out in full force... the perfect weather for sheets to sway in sunlight and bask in its glow.

As I got the washing machine going (one of life's great inventions), I went online and got my news for the day. The media feeding frenzy of Mel Gibson's recent domestic escapades continue. Iran, Turkey and goodness-knows-who- else in the Middle East are posturing, threatening and possibly building bombs. The world is divided along socio-politcal battle lines. Our own politicians find more ways to spend more tax-payers money.

Yup... just another normal day on planet Earth.

After skimming through a few news aggregation sites, I decided to take a trip to JB Hifi to find something to solve my earphones problems. Something that would last me longer than 6 weeks would be good. Something made for the busy albeit clumsy housewife... something that fits in with my lifestyle... something that doesn't cost more than $100.
Apparently no such earphone exists... at least not for $100...
Anyway, I embarked on an experiment. What about a pair of headphones instead? Less likely to fall off when I'm doing my chores and perhaps with this thing sitting over my head I may actually remember to take it off before going out. So I got the second cheapest headset I could find and already I perceive that my iPod could become a problem.

When I returned home I decided to tackle the clean laundry with a Hercule Poirot DVD to ease the pain. I put on Cards on the Table while I sorted and folded the clothes and put them away.
Library DVDs aren't the most reliable items unfortunately... Half way through, it stalled and so I had to use the portable player and jump a segment. Not sure what I missed... probably didn't really matter.

Next thing on my to do list was some baking... shortbread... for afternoon tea. Check.

As the mouthwatering fragrance of shortbread biscuits wafted from the oven through to the rest of the house, I moved on to doing some dinner prep which is always easier with no ankle biters in close proximity. I was eager to try the Okonomiyaki again so I gleefully chopped up some cabbage in preparation.
While I was doing food prep, the kitchen, without any warning, had gradually transformed into something akin to Cookie Monster's benchtop after an eating orgy.

Sigh... I love cooking but I detest cleaning up. There never seems to be enough bench space for a chopping board.
During such moments there's something inherently attractive about disposable utensils and crockery but...alas, it comes into direct conflict with the responsible stewardship ethos that I'm trying to live by.

It's after 3, the Talkative Twosome are home from school and kindy. Scoffing down the bickies, they offer their heartiest thumbs up for mum's efforts. Yeah, I have my own fan club... a rather fickle fan club... but a fan club nonetheless.

After two weeks without homework, the 9 year old drags her feet and dwadles. I shrug my shoulders... I keep the timer going... She knows she's not getting any television privileges the longer she takes. She changes tactics and wants me to do her homework for her. Well, I'm not falling for that one. We engage in a bit of Socratic dialogue and she comes to the answer on her own.
I leave the 3 year old to watch  Bananas in Pyjamas on the portable DVD player and get on with frying the Okonomiyaki which is looking more like how I remember it. Boredom for her means mischief somewhere in the house. Somewhere... where I'm not looking... or somewhere in the kitchen where I'm bound to step on.

Even before dinner is ready, I'm exhausted... I try out the Okonomiyaki and it tastes good with the mayo and brown sauce slathered all over the top. But the middle tastes bland... yeah, I forgot the salt.

During dinner, I observe the 9 year old is scratching her head intermittenly... Oh yeah... it's going to be a long night.

Remember Audrey Hepburn doing Eliza Dolittle and not wanting to go to bed but dance all night?
Well, that wasn't me... I collapse into bed at the first opportunity.

I'm too tired to update the blog, too tired to pick up my latest acquisition from the library so I browse the web in all my usual haunts. Ah ha... I see that the Gettys have another album... (I'm several months late) I preview each track and download the whole album off iTunes.

I'm totally knackered... new album or not... I have no energy to do anything with it. Tomorrow perhaps...

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