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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just Another Day on Planet Mum : Weekend Snippet

It's Saturday morning... the end of an odd week of organized chaos. Slept in till 8 despite the usual morning racket outside my door and I know I have to be unwell (or in an antihistamine-induced haze) because I almost never sleep in otherwise. I'm sitting in bed with a sore throat and a nose, sipping a honey and lemon concoction at regular intervals. It's a  decidedly soothing mixture but annoyingly enough it doesn't get rid of the bothersome cough that has a troubling will of its own that shows a distinct lack of manners.

I am thankful that the husband has handled everything with great aplomb and has offered without prompting to bring in the laptop so I can be ill in relative comfort and convenience.
I love the weekend... all weekends, as a matter of fact, because he is home... to pick up the slack.
He's been reading Setting Limits for Your Strong-Willed Child and so has learnt to use the kitchen timer to great effect. I hear it beeping and wonder which child is in trouble.

Okay... thankfully, no one is in trouble just now. It is time to take a break... from the tv... Good man. He's learning.
It's trampoline time except that the 9 year old is putting up some resistance as is her habit.

Finally after some posturing and delay tactics, she relents.
They are both outside making their usual joyful noise and then it degnerates into bickering. There's leftover rain from 2 days earlier coming out of the edges and the 9 year old thinks it's a great excuse to come in.
The 9 year old wants to come inside but the 3 year old wants to keep going.
They come in and the 3 year old is bitterly complaining about her older sister's poltroonery over a bit of water.
Father and 3 year old daughter are pouring over a puzzle.
Correction... were pouring... She comes in here with an adapter for my earphones... Sigh... she's bored and she's on the prowl for mischief.

I cough... yowsers... it hurts, and I reach for my lemon and honey brew.

I gulp it down inelegantly... and for ten seconds, I know the mearning of the word "respite".

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