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"Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these." Luke 12:27 (NIV)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Mutterings

I'm turning into an autocratic monster -- a 9 year apprenticeship in the home and 12 years in the classroom are finally paying off. I have become The Tyrant with the Kitchen Timer. Part dragon, part Nanny McPhee (without the magic, unfortunately), and part Sulley. Which sounds altogether like a badly cloned chimera. Don't think the kiddies are that convinced that Mum is much of anything... I have a sneaking suspicion that they see Mum more as an obstacle to get past to get to where they want to than the next incarnation of Jaws.
A girl can dream, can't she?

Just tucked the 3 year old, the Ariel doll and some purplely-looking gumnut baby in knitwear into bed. Not sure if the 3 year old needed the company or if the company is good for her at this time at night. I'm expecting her to fall asleep soon as she has a habit of not napping in the afternoons.

The 3 year old jumped into our bed this morning for a cuddle and no sooner did she make her way up to my arms, than my finely-tuned toilet training radar detected a foul odour. So I asked her (rather redundantly) if she had accomplished some important business and she nodded. Typical. I grumbled inwardly. But outwardly I sighed with maternal understanding. Impeccable timing as always. Clockwork. It's almost always too soon. This snug-in-her-pyjamas mum is almost never ready to get out of bed.
The 3 year old pointed to the poster-sized wedding photo (that reminds us of the way we were) and said, "Mum... that was you when you were a princess. And when Daddy was a man."

( http://www.genv.net/en-us/node/9036)

I have to confess though, I was pretty lackadaisical this morning... dragged my feet all over the house, annoyed it was Monday... and annoyed that the children can't/don't get their own breakfast. More than that, I was uber annoyed that time goes by when you're wasting time on the internet.
It's something I haven't done for a while... I succumbed to temptation this morning and went to my favourite entertainment-related blog to see how the discussion thread on The Princess Bride was going from last night.

It is afterall, The Princess Bride.
One of the funniest, wittiest, cleverest films ever made. Arguably the most quotable.
But before school interweb surfing is bad... Very naughty...  and I am entirely incorrigible. Almost as bad as the 9 year old reading books while eating.

But I did my penance by going straight to Aldi after dropping off Big Missy at school. I didn't really want to. The ridiculousness of driving 10 -15 minutes to do grocery shopping when I can do it in 1-2 minutes. But when I think about the cheap veggies and cheap canned stuff and cheap rice crackers, I feel something light a fire under me...

The 9 year old is reading The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series... I worry that it's giving her ideas. I read one a month or so ago to make sure there wasn't really anything highly objectionable in it. There's plenty of humorous cheekiness about it but at least there are consequences when kids do naughty things. I've only read Book 2 and thought Dad was a rather limp character, an object of humour as well as gentle mockery and not much else.
Anyhow, she was reading the yellow one today, called Dog Days when we left the school.

Emerging from the book, she asked me, "Mum... what's a EU-RYE-NAIL?" It sounded like no word I had heard of so she spelt it out.
"Oh... a urinal..."
"Yeah, what is it..."
"Well, can't you guess? Urinal sounds like 'urine'"
"Tell me, mum..."
"If you ever accidentally end up in the boys' toilet one day... you'll see one." Now that I think about it, that was a dumb thing to say to a curious 9 year old. Not my best moment.
"It's where boys do their wee."
"That's disgusting!"
"It's just part of the boys toilet. Nothing disgusting about that."

Later on, while having food, she asked me thoughtfully, "Mum... have you ever accidentally gone into a boy's toilet?"


  1. LOL!!! Sounds like a very curious 9 year old. You might be getting a note from the teacher soon.

  2. I love the Princess Bride too. And LOL ...when daddy was a man. Your poor husband. I wonder what he is supposed to be these days?

  3. Hehehe... the kiddies do make life interesting.

    Ky: I'm due to see the teacher on Thurs for the parent/teacher interview. I'm hoping the conversation will be purely academic.

    Julie: We live in confusing times, I daresay.


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