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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yeech... I hate iTunes. Loathe it. I avoid it like the plague as much as possible by downloading directly to the iPod. But lately I've been getting a backlog of update messages from the App Store... (Honestly, these duvalackey machines can be so pushy) And it's supremely hard to ignore them when there's a conspicuous "20" in a red circle staring out when the home screen comes on. Anyhow, most of those messages were from the third party developers all eagerly offering to turn my apps "iOS4 compatible". Whatever that was, it looked vaguely important. Well, to my housewifely brain that looked a lot like Tech-ese for "new firmware update that I need to have because everybody is updating and if I'm going to use the apps, I'll have to as well." Especially if this new firmware is going to give me access to the new Apple ebookstore that all the iPad people get to fool around with.

So I reinstalled iTunes on my 'puter (had to, unfortunately, as the laptop was melting down a couple of months ago and we had to reinstall Windows)... yeech... and then after downloading and installing it a message window popped up informing me that there was a new updated version... So, of course, I went through the whole shebang again. Scanned through the terms and agreement twice... yeech... What fun.
iTunes drives like a constipated snail or limping tortoise (whichever is slower) when it syncs with the iPod. It's ridiculous. I've been told that it's because I use a PC. Well, it isn't just slow... it's inefficient and not very intuitive in my opinion. After 9 versions, you'd think, the people at Apple would get it right for everyone... who buys their mobile devices ie. paying customers...

It's backing up the o'l Pod now and my laptop fan seems to be in overdrive. *chews nails nervously*
Worse than watching paint dry.

I've had the iPod Touch now for over a year and it's been a good buy. I've used it for all kinds of things... mostly podcasts, sermons, eBooks, music, shopping list... As with all new toys, I rediscovered my inner gamer for about two intense months and was so over that phase after wasting a good amount of electricity and time. (There was even a time I seriously considered paying for the original Monkey Island revamped but that's another story...) Mostly I let the girls play around with age appropriate apps to keep them quiet. The downside to games on these piddly devices is how shockingly quick the battery gets drained especially when there's sound involved.

Speaking of the girls, the 9 year old surprised me this afternoon while I was trying to clean up my iTunes music library. I was testing out an audio book and forgot she was doing her homework nearby. I was listening somewhat absent-mindedly. The narrator read out a few quotes and then this one...
"We know what we are, but know not what we may be."
Blow me down... but the 9 year old knew that it was Shakespeare. Hamlet to be precise. Talk about a budding literary scholar. I was taken aback... where could she have come upon the Bard.  Apparently she gleaned this vital piece of information from a history book for kids called The Terrible Tudors. Of course. I had forgotten about this irreverent tribute to Harry and his gals. Of course. It was one of those odd things we found at second-hand book sale last year. We were supposed to give it to an older child... Not sure what happened to that idea.


Two plus hours later... the entire process of downloading, installing, back-uping, deleting, re-installing finally... finally I can turn in for the night.

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