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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The 9 Year Old, The 3 Year Old and the Wardrobe

I am so over this yo-yo weather. While I revel in the warmth of a sunny day... this constant hot, cold, hot, cold switch is playing havoc on my sinuses.
I felt the harsh hand of 'flu looming the last couple of days... crashing into bed each night after dinner... utterly knackered. Even the throat felt a tad tingly. But the tingly throat thing has passed it would seem...
So I guzzle down water... liquids of all descriptions. I even tried to have a nap today. I tried to have a nap yesterday but the doorbell rang and I thought something we'd been waiting for had arrived. Nope... just your run-of-the-mill sales rep from an auto mechanic franchise.

Ah the kiddies are playing together... well... if you can call it that... It's more like the 9 year old directing a bad "B" movie with the 3 year old at her beck and call saying "How high?".
They've chosen my wardrobe as the film set and I hear some whining. I can see the attraction of the wardrobe. It's dark, cozy and filled with clothes and assorted clutter. Perfect hideout for two overly imaginative girls who play and talk to strands of spagetti for dinner.

I'm not sure, though, whether I should rejoice or be concerned by the two of them playing behind closed doors which they were doing late in the day. What sort of plots do 9 year olds and 6 year olds hatch together that includes blankets, pillows, a trolley and straps?

Earlier today, after school, the talkative two were outside on the trampoline. A difference of opinion arose and cries of help ensued. Sick of being at the end of Darwinian struggle, the 3 year old gave up and came inside, locking the door behind her much to the chagrin of the big sister. The 3 year old cackled evilly until I insisted that she unlock the door. The 9 year old came in and unleashed her wrath on the little sister.
So this exciting episode of sisterly love ends in time out for the two. Several minutes later, the waiting ends. The 3 year old says to the big sister, "Hey, let's go and play, L."
Seems like justice was done.

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