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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back from Camp!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack... from the Sunshine Coast. It's a great spot all year round and the weather was almost perfect. It was so warm that a) I wondered if it was really July in SE Qld and b) I had to take off my jacket. And a) if you've been following my cold weather rants the past few weeks, or b) you've seen me running around with 4 layers of clothing around town... you'll know that actually means something.
Got to the beach yesterday afternoon and enjoyed hanging around with other parents and taking photos of the children. 9 year old got herself really wet and I think we'll be shaking the sand off her clothes for another two washes.

Church camp is another form of self-inflicted sleep deprivation ritual that I undertake annually. Sharing a room with 3 other humans (even if we are flesh and blood) does call for certain abilities I no longer possess. Still, I could be sharing a room with 12 other people. *shudder* I'm looking forward to some decent sleep now that I'm back home. Yeah... I'm such homebody, really. I don't know why I bother going anywhere. Night time uncoordinated heavy breathing is almost always the biggest threat to my complete enjoyment of camp.
Slept better last night thankfully... did about 6-7 hours as opposed to the 2-3 hours the previous night. Had to wake in the middle of the night to tug at the husband who was er... breathing heavily. Mighty glad I did the sensible thing and went to bed early, read a little and allowed myself to relax before turning in. Definitely had more energy today although once we got into the car and took off, I dozed off somewhere along the way home.

I'll probably write more in the next couple of days and may even post a few pictures... cos' I should really be sleeping.

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