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"Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these." Luke 12:27 (NIV)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Housework as Worship

Today I heard a really good sermon. A convicting sermon as a matter of fact. It convicted me of my attitude toward work in general and housework in particular.
A few days ago, I wrote a piece about how I do my best to avoid housework. To me it is (more often than not) a form of drudgery... sometimes bordering on being a kind of slavery. I use that word "slavery" carefully because I don't want to demean what men and women have endured throughout human history as human chattel. But I feel grudgingly bound to housework, an attitude that often leads to kind of resentment... which is silly... and in light of eternity, is ultimately wrong.
Being a housewife is my job, as long as I live in a house and continue being a wife. In all likelihood, an inescapable reality that will stay with me till I lose the use of my limbs. The facts swim around inside my head without taking root and truthfully, there's not much joy in how I perceive that particular compartment in my brain. The condition in which the house is in is testament to that.

Today I was reminded that doing housework is an act of worship. It may not be much fun but it is important because as a child of God I am commanded to do everything... and that very likely includes housework... for the glory of my Creator and Saviour. Whether I'm scrubbing the toilets, vacuuming, mopping or preparing meals... I am doing it first and foremost to please my Master, the God of the universe. Even if no one sees what I do and shows appreciation for what I do, He sees and knows.

Because my joy comes from serving him in whatever capacity I've been placed into and NOT in the task itself.

The task, in a real enough way, is not the focal point but the attitude of the doer of the task. Do we perform housework as an act of worship... giving your utmost even in the most menial of tasks for the glory of our Lord? This attitude transcends our modern tendency to narrowly define "worship" as a half hour time slot of singing and prayer on a Sunday.

My problem is that I see the task as "Meh... I'm better than this...". But what I should be saying is, "Lord, let me worship you today by cheerfully doing my best in my job for your glory. That in my actions I will demonstrate that I am yours and you are alive in me." In my blindness I see the task but not the relationship.

Everything in this life is transcient... short-lived... The work we do must be redone repeatedly. But the work of God in my life is for eternity.
For now and until I cease to breathe, He chosen to use housework draw me closer to himself.


  1. Amen. We all need reminding of this at times, whether it be housework or some mundane chore at work (cleaning out the office fishtank because I am the lowly paid admin worker and nobody else was doing it LOL!!!)

  2. Hi Lilian, this is my first visit to your site and what a post to encourage me with! I had better go and do the sweeping now :)

  3. Hey, Libby
    Thanks for visiting and chiming in.
    Your comment here is a great encouragement to me to keep on praying for God to use this site for his glory.

    Hope to see you again!

  4. Janet...
    When I was working at QUT, some of the teachers there had to clean out the fridge regularly because people left food in there and forgot about them.
    I still haven't worked out to this day how people can forget to take their stuff home.


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