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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Roughing It (2)

Despite our struggles with the children, camp wasn't all bad. Really, it wasn't bad at all. But we're now in young children season... and that's things are. Sleep issues... well... honestly, I don't know if that's ever going to go away. These days I am more inclined to accept the undeniable reality of adult life and go with the flow.

All that aside, it was still wonderful being able to hang out with friends, be part of congregational singing and listen to some personally convicting/challenging talks.

I even.. managed to... gasp... take notes.
Actually, I had to. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to concentrate at all on Saturday after only 2 or 3 hours of sleep the previous night. But it was to Scott and Chrissy's credit that they made the weekend work for me on an important spiritual level.

No Turning Back... was the theme for the weekend. And it invoked the old chorus, "I Have Decided To Follow Jesus". I remember singing this as I watched new Christians emerge from the waters of baptism. There was and is something meaningful about these words... "no turning back". No matter what, we don't look back. No matter what, we look ahead to a new life... with the Saviour who suffered for us.

Suffering is  part and parcel of being a follower of Jesus. Althought, none of us who live in western democracies can really claim to suffer all that much... at least not yet... and not on the scale that many of our brothers and sisters do in many third world countries.

The suffering Church is one of Scott and Chrissy's great passions... as missionaries and as advocates for victims of human trafficking. Their many stories of victims who have been duped, kidnapped and abused by their captors... come to find real freedom in Christ cause me to weep... and rejoice that God is at work in the world.

On the Sunday session, Scott put on a video clip filmed by an organization called The Free Burma Rangers. Christians and various ethnic groups in Burma (like the Karen, for example) live in constant fear for their lives. Under the military dictatorship, groups that refuse to submit to the government must bear arms or face the prospect of starvation, rape and/or death. It's a horrific situation, with no end in sight. The Free Burma Rangers was started up by an ex-military Christian man, who has gone into the jungles of Burma to help these refugees. They train the locals to defend themselves, provide them with food and also equip them with spiritual truth. The situation is undoubtedly dangerous and the men and women put themselves on the line for others in this manner only know too well that the next day could be their last.

Prayer of Peace - Relief & Resistance in Burma's War Zones [English subtitles] from Matt Blauer on Vimeo.

If you get the time, catch more videos at the FBR's You Tube Channel. 
Pray for them, the brave men and women who risk their lives to bring relief to those who have no where to go and no one to turn to.

We should pray for ourselves too... that we will not take our freedoms for granted because there are anti-Christian forces at work to undermine the principles and values that we hold dear.

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