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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Nappies

A couple of days ago as we were leaving our local library, we (the 3 year old and I) shared a lift with a man and his child. His shopping trolley was filled to the brim with nappies. In fact, it seemed to me that he was there for the sole purpose of stocking up. I made a comment about the quantity and he mentioned a sale. I asked if it was cheap and he, while studying his docket, said something about "half price".

It occurred to me there and then that nappies were no longer a part of my life. It hasn't been for a while. There was no fanfare when it happened... it just did over, what seemed to me at the time, a long period of time.
A part of me rejoiced... "about time, young miss"... but another part of me was oddly sorrowful. Not that I would shed tears and miss dealing with soiled undies but I was overcome with a sense of change and finality. Like I was saying goodbye to a familiar fixture in my life... a fixture that had challenged me toward greater humility but a fixture, nonetheless, that was part of my child's development. A hurdle that she had finally jumped over... another step closer to adulthood.

Motherhood is an strange thing... at every stage in your child's life, you rejoice at the freedom gained and yet silently you weep for the child that once was and will never be again.


I find that I talk to myself a lot these days. The more I read and listen... the more I feel the need to tell the world around me what I think even if the world around me feels no need to reply. It's the lack of adult company, no doubt, that drives some of this madness.
But I treasure what little solitude I have also and in those moments when the sounds from my vocal chords help me coalesce thought into word.
In all likelihood, I am one of those who have more words than I know what to do with.

I have heard that the need to talk is an intrinsically female trait although like everything else there are exceptions to the rule. But I find that once they warm up to you, even the shyest women become talkative but I suspect that they don't want to be the first to do it.

Although an introvert, I can't say that I'm shy. I have had to learn not to be. In my previous jobs I've had to talk to people of different nationalities.
But my children especially the 9 year old was born to talk. That sounds like an obvious thing to say but in her case it is true. And she's not shy either... never been... which has its advantages and disadvantages.
Of all the things I enjoy about the children is their ability to learn words, sentence structures and retain them. And use them in appropriate and inappropriate moments. It's fascinating to me how quickly they go from not speaking to speaking. The 9 year old has an excellent memory for words ( if only she would apply her excellent memory to the multiplication tables) and from young she has tended to sound like characters from books and tv shows.
She's an extrovert... full of hyperbole and thrives on being with people. Life to her is drama.
The 3 year old is a budding David Livingstone and won't be happy until she's explored every corner of the house and laid claim to everything. Territorial to the extreme.

Despite the age gap, they get on as well as most siblings do. I asked the 9 year old once, "Do you like having a little sister?"
She said, "Sometimes I like it... sometimes I don't..."
"When do you like it..."
"When we play and make up games together."
"When don't you like it..."
"When I want to do things by myself and she disturbs me."

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