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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MOPS, Octopi and other Essentials

I'm ready to hit the sack... as they say... but I'm committed to spouting random thoughts on blogosphere for at least another six months before reassessing my efforts from my little outpost here in Ozland. I don't have any entreprenuerial intentions or instincts but perhaps I can be an encouragement to someone somewhere today.

I write because I breathe. I write because it keeps the mind in shape. Writing keeps me sane.

Big day for moi... MOPS in the morning, then watching my little niece and the 3 year old do their bestest to perfect the art of snatching for the better part of a couple hours in the afternoon. "Share, share" piped the little niece intermittenly in protest at her older cousin's vulgar tactics.  Late in the arvo, it was onto to getting the 9 year old to focus on homework while the 3 year old flew around the house doing her bestest to distract the big sister. This happened to be when Mummy got a bit distracted with online stuff.

Finally, I dragged myself away from the laptop and made dinner... Spaghetti Bolognaise with carrots and cauliflower.

Lookie what we made at MOPS today....

Mine's a little darling with an afro. An octopus with an 'fro. Looks ready to burst into the flamenco, if you ask me. Not sure what salt water does to hair. The effect, I believe, is in the type of wool. Had a bit left over and made a mini-oct. Mini-oct is indisposed unfortunately, with no lips to complete his look.The 9 year old was eyeing Big Pink Oct so I've promised to get her a ball of wool so she can make her own tentacled creature from the deep. Naughty me... I went overboard and promised her some multicoloured wool which pleased her no end. My present collection is comprised mainly of those feathery yarns... I somehow doubt those will work.

MOPS was pretty good as it usually is. We were very privileged to hear from an experienced speaker, pastor and teacher, Ian Malins elucidate on the area of loss and grief. I'm scratching my head to try and remember how many funerals he said that he's taken? 1200? It was some impressive number anyway. He has also published a book, In Your Time of Sorrow which is a beautifully produced monograph of words and pictures directed at those experiencing grief and loss, leading them to put their trust in God.

It really is very nice to look at and Ian has included poems and pictures all throughout. Would definitely make a great gift.

During dinner, in between feeding the sleepy child and fending off the parmesan vulture that is the 9 year old, the husband and I were trying in vain to have an uninterrupted discussion about history and politics. Talk about sanguine folly.
I think we keep trying in the hope that one day we will be able to have an adult conversation over dinner.

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