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Friday, September 24, 2010

Yesterday, The Day Before, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday was a pyjamas day. All mummies know what a pyjamas day is. It's a day you spend in your pyjamas because you know you don't have to go outside. Overnight flannel jammies, in particular, are cozy and toasty, all nicely warmed up from snuggling under bedding during the night... all the bodily protection one needs to lull around the house during the school hols.

Except in this instance I had pyjama day because I had a sore throat and a headache. There was some coughing involved. Yeah... not the ideal situation but in my position I take what breaks I can get.
So I listened to my body and stayed in bed all day because this weekend I'm having a soiree for the husband... mostly a family affair... because he's reached a milestone in his short life. Easygoing fella that he is, he didn't want it but I persuaded him that it was necessary ... not to let the occasion pass him by. Officially it isn't until next week but next week isn't really practical. So we're throwing a party for him and he's doing the BBQ...

Anyhow the husband took the day off  (bless him) and I sat in bed reading and watching the 1960s series of "The Saint" and Gary Cooper in High Noon. High Noon is undoubtedly a decent flick but essentially depressing. Legend has it that John Wayne, after watching High Noon, thought he had to go off and make Rio Bravo to get the bad taste out of his mouth. I can see why. I, too, had a hankering to watch Rio Bravo afterwards but went to sleep instead. Rio Bravo I have seen numerous times but I don't feel the need to rewatch High Noon again. If I want to be depressed I can read the news or go on You Tube and read the comments that follow.

Today I felt a mite better, so I took off to the shops and managed to get everything on my list. Of course I realized later, to my chagrin, that I forgot the eggs. How could I have forgotten the eggs? And the chicken mince... Well, I forgot to put those items on my list, duh... bright button that I am.

I came home quite wearied by my morning exertions. I must have shopped at five places all up. It's the annoying thing about Aldi, unfortunately, as it doesn't have everything you want. But the wonderful thing about where I live is that I get almost everything I want in close proximity.

On Wed, I took the girls to one of those indoor play areas. The sky looked like it wanted to rain but alas all throughout the day, it didn't seem like it was capable of making up its mind. In our area, that is. It was all overcast and gloomy with a drizzle here and there but nothing that could perceptibly be called "showers".  I wished it had rained hard... it would have made me feel much better about parting with money in the indoor play area. But for my sanity's sake, I probably had to get the girls out of the house before they started swinging from the ceiling fans.

Anyhow, we've had dinner and the 3 year old seems to gone to sleep. I think we're all somewhat relieved. Of the 4 of us, she's the most destructive. She has singled handedly destroyed more furniture, torn apart more stuff, broken more crockery than the rest of us combined in all our years of living in this house. That's saying something. In her case, boredom is a terrifying thing.
I, myself, wish I had time to be bored.

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