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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Buying Stuff

Most days I am only too aware that I'm losing the battle against materialism. I feel swamped in the concrete jungle of stuff... everyone wants a slice of your money and you feel obliged to give it to them once they tell you why you have to have it. Worst still, my children think that they need to have stuff too... and it's usually the sticky, sweet, bad-for-your-teeth kind of stuff. I lost count of the number of times I said "no" yesterday to the kiddies when we went to the local Asian supermarket in spite of me telling them before we left the car that they were not to ask me to buy treats or snacks or lollies. All in the space of 7 minutes.

I have a bad habit of accumulating stuff that I don't really need and then it just sits around the house collecting dust or grime or gets tossed around by the kiddies. I go through phases... one minute its kitchen stuff, the next its padding the craft collection and the next it's books.

Temptations abound. Having "stuff" readily available at one's finger tips on the internet sure doesn't help much. At least in the old days, you had to physically leave your house to get something but these days, you only need to have a phone line, a router and a computer. Shopping in the comfort of your own home.

I was driving the 9 year old to school today and she mentioned very deliberately that a classmate had been given a Smiggle bag and so I had to buy her (my daughter, that is) one too.
That leap of logic somehow escaped me. Not to mention the demanding tone of voice.
So I pointed to a car on the other side of the roundabout and said, "So does it mean that just because that person has that car over there that I have to have it too?"
The 9 year old fell silent immediately. I'm not sure if she was awestruck by my feeble, off-the-cuff reasoning powers or just spent the rest of the car trip trying to work out what I had just said.
I'm not sure that my attempt to create an equivalance between the Smiggle bag and the car was an appropriate argumentative response, it, nonetheless, had the desired effect.

Miss 9 year old is going off to camp and the checklist is nail-biting stuff. We're heading overseas in a couple of weeks and I'm already dreading the amount of money we'll be spending once we reach our destination.

Sigh... Such a pity money doesn't grow on trees.

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