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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Cool Change

Just when you think it's safe to put away the flannel pyjamas... and the jeans... and the winter woollens... Brrrrrrr...
What a windy day... makes me think of that old Bob Dylan song. Went to a birthday party at Rocks Riverside park this morning and got there fairly early. After watching the plastic tablecloths flap around for half an hour, I offered my masking tape services. The 3 year old was in a helpful mood because she got to use a pair of scissors and currently she's in her cutting fetish period. All in all, it was a pretty blustery sort of day.
Rocks is a great place... but it does take me about 30 odd minutes to get to from where I am. Unfortunately that doesn't tempt me to venture out there too frequently. It was a great morning out... I ate exceedingly well, the 3 year played well and enjoyed Brisbane city council funded face painting. I got home, felt sleepy and tucked myself into bed immediately. Had a nice little siesta...

The husband noted a couple of days ago that we haven't seen this much rain since... whenever...  Myself... I think it's almost like living in NZ, which is a beautiful, lush, green place but by golly it doesn't stop raining... for long.
It's terrific that our dams are filling up and overflowing but after four or five days of dark clouds and continuous precipitation, I feel afflicted by cabin fever... a weather-inflicted claustrophobia.

You've probably wondered where I've been. Nowhere... really. Unfortunately. It would've been nice to say that we've been on a cruise to Fiji or even snorkelling at the Whitsundays. But no... just doing the mundane stuff like cleaning. I'm dabbling with fiction again which I used to do a couple of years ago but struggled to find time to do it. I'm also a very obsessive and isolationist writer. Neither of which are good qualities for parenting. A couple of years ago, I also went through an insomniac phase while I was at the peak of my prowess and became exceedingly hard to live with. I was bursting with ideas and would be up till all hours thinking through plot threads and dialogue and all kinds of impractical scenarios.
I'd like to do what Bryce Courtney does and just disappear from civilization for 10 months and do nothing but write during that time... That would be such great fun for my husband... (poor man) and the kids. Probably more so for the kids than for the husband, who might take the opportunity to misbehave with abandon.

Last night we started to sort the children's clothes... partially because we're having a recycle boutique at MOPS next month and partially because the shared wardrobe is busting at the seams with plastic bags. The drawer system we have is really not working because all the 9 year old does is stuff her clothes into the drawer through a permanent one inch gap. To be fair, the drawers in the tallboy are heavy and she's a skinny thing.
My friend Sandy, who has 8 kids, mentioned at MOPS the other day that she uses boxes for her children's clothes so I thought I might try the same thing for the 9 year old. I bought the biggest plastic box I could find in Crazy Clark's and we've transferred all her wearable stuff into it. From the tallboy, I pulled out all her old clothes, worn clothes and still useable clothes and bits of paper wedged in between all of the above. I found several single partnerless socks which are still in relatively good condition.

Some days I think I live with feral cats and dogs who wallow in perpetual messiness. I'll let you into a secret... just wishing that it goes away doesn't make it so. I wished so hard but alas nothing has happened. Annoying, ain't it? This is why I 'm sure Bewitched (tv show not the film) became a mega hit. It's every housewife's fantasy. Just wriggle your nose and everything straightens itself. Who wouldn't want such an ability? Frankly speaking, I'd rather be writing, on the internet, making cards, watching tv and reading a book than cleaning and tidying. I haven't yet dared pray for the stuff to disappear... Even I haven't descended to that level of arrogance yet. There's a reason why Paul admonishes Titus to admonish the older women in the chuch to encourage the young mums to be busy at home.
I don't mind being busy at home... but cleaning up after the kids can get wearisome after a while especially if you feel like you're doing every couple of hours.

I've been kicked off my 'puter... a cousin has just Skyped in so the kids think they can just take over mummy's computer. Sheesh...


  1. Yes Lilian, I have been wondering where you are and if you are ok. Have missed your posts.

    The whole endless, grey, wet and cold days suck, don't they? I'm hearing you loud and clear with that one. I really don't think that winter will ever end down here. It's freezing here today...and grey...and wet. Well, we did have a few spots of sun and blue sky, but then the wind blew in more rain clouds and down it came again. Tomorrow won't be much better. Sigh...

  2. Thanks Ky... Missed ya too.

    It was fantastic to see the clear blue sky today but my weather app tells me that we should expect more rain next week.
    Boo Hiss..

  3. Here is the weather forecast from GFS,

    weather GFS


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