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Monday, October 18, 2010

Eye Free Day

We survived yet another Pupil Free Day. It wasn't too bad and the weather was back to being fantastic. The husband did his usual spiel of bad puns and irritating male witticisms regarding students, eyes and blindness... well, after four years, it wouldn't be the same if he didn't.

My 7 year old niece has discovered Skype with the zeal of the newbie. Just so I can retain full ownership rights of the laptop, I've made me unavailable on Skype for the rest of the day. I got kicked off a couple of times today because she and the 9 year old were yabbering about chickens, knock knock jokes and other earthshattering discoveries. I don't think the microphone on this laptop works that well. It seems like everyone has to get up close and personal and holler.
Went to the library first thing in the morning. As usual we browsed the DVD racks and found some goodies... For me, a couple of Saint DVDs and one of the most recent Miss Marple. The kids found a couple of animated features... Ariel the Mermaid and the 101 Dalmatians. The 9 year old is on an Asterix fix at the moment. It's Asterix at the council library and Asterix at the school library. Asterix and Tin Tin... and the Wimpy Kid series.

Tried a new gingerbread man recipe this afternoon and boy, did these babies grow. Too much bicarb most likely. Fortunately, it didn't grow big enough to jump out of the oven and take off at full speed waxing repetitive taunts. That, however, would be the least of my problems. After reading Jasper Fforde's The Fourth Bear, I've become a little paranoid about serial killing Gingerbread Men.
The 3 year old desperately wanted to help... did she ever... Her little hands were in the flour, the bicarb, on the oven knobs, kitchen scale... trays. And when I put the brown sugar away, she threw a fit worthy of Katherine the Shrew. Finally I let her play with the cookie cutters and the dough... with much wariness. That girl is like a government assassin... anything can turn into a weapon in her hands.
The odd thing was she actually had a nap despite earlier protests that she wasn't tired. These days I just send her to her room and hope for the best.

Did 3 loads of washing today. The weather was too good to pass up the opportunity. Just in case we have rain the rest of the week. Tomorrow looks to be good so I may do another 2 loads. I can't see much washing done while I'm away.

I'm going to the Australasia MOPS conference this weekend. I am looking forward to have some childfree time but I'm a bit worried about the children. Will they survive their father's cooking?
OK... I'm being a tad facetious... they'll be fine and the husband isn't too bad if he knows what he's doing.

Anyway, I'm tired and I need a shower. More of the usual tomorrow, I expect.

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