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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Printer Blues

I have two printers. Had. Have. Kinda. Sort of. One's in the morgue... I suspect the husband's given up trying to resuscitate the thing. One's in the hospital awaiting surgery and replacement parts. My lovely colour printer only over a year old... that I use for all kinds of cool church and children's stuff was tortured to death by the 3 year old. She fed the belly of the beast with chalk thinking she was doing something really stupendous. Probably thought it was a slot machine expecting something to tumble out on the other end as a reward. She hasn't seen Star Wars so she doesn't know anything about Jabba the Hutt or that dune beastie that he fed prisoners to.

I feel paralyzed by my printer-less state. Things happen kinda slowly around here... but I needed to get the school book pack back with the receipt of the bank transfer... that needed to be printed out. Yeesh... in the end I rang the husband and got him to do it. The printer people at my local shopping center are going to get a new drum for the Lexmark which apparently has been the source of my woes. Here am I thinking that it was just the toner.

I'm suffering from a kind of post-winter cold weather ennui... Two weeks down with a cough and I've been stricken by a kind of lethargy. The thing about children is that you can't mess around when they're around. They have a way of keeping you accountable and face up to life even when you'd rather stay in bed some days.

I woke up at 4:30 last night thinking I had missed my flight to Sydney... It was like the bad old days when I was a schoolgirl in Singapore having bad dreams about missing the school bus (which did happen from time to time during morning school). I've been a nervous wreck the past week trying to get all kinds of things done before taking off for the weekend. I gotta say that I'm impressed with Virgin... they sent me a reminder and asked me to check in online. Probably not a bad thing since I have to leave home at the crack of dawn.

I went to the Terry White's to get ear plugs and also stumbled onto these things called "Ear Planes", which are supposed to relieve inflight ear discomfort. The last time I was on a plane in descent, I thought my ears were going to implode and bleed...

Anyhow... I've got to get myself to bed... early start tomorrow.

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