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Monday, October 4, 2010

Slacko Mama Makes an Effort

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it's a glorious day outside...
And I think I even managed to sleep for more than 4 hours last night.
You know, I might actually get a few things done today.

Got out of bed this morning and put on a load of washing. The laundry, in Kindergarten Cop parlance, is like the ocean, it piles up when you turn your back for a brief moment. The 3 year old thinks that she's a real life princess with access to maids and manservants ie. upper class laundry service. It's bad enough she's strewn the bedroom floor with mouldy mandarins, toys and soiled laundry, she expects room service too. Children's bedrooms are terrifying places to venture into at the best of times if you don't look too hard under the beds. I get the girls to dive in from time to time since it's a problem of their making. Pity there are no oyster shells to be harvesting in this location.

With that bout of rain we've been having the past week, the garden looks properly greened up. The weeds look like they're having a good time of it too. The parsleys have gone berserk and the mint has been raised from the dead. I can't take any credit for this revival... I'm the sort of non-gardening individual that believes in letting nature take it course.

Took off to the shops after doing a little vacuuming and got the 3 year old a new bagpack. Cautiously maneouvering the makeshift roundabout, I'm wondering when the traffic-retarding roadworks further up the road from us are going to end. Seems like it's been going on forever. Some of us preferred the old roundabout and now things have got to the stage when the powers-that-be deem it necessary for us to have lights.
Down the road from us are more roadworks... courtesy of another smaller shopping complex coming up at the end of the year. I didn't think we needed another supermarket or a McDonald's quite so close really.
Good news is that we're getting an Aldi closer to home (not down the road unfortunately)... yeeha... don't know when... but I've seen the "coming soon" signs. Not soon enough.
Finally... after 1 year of hearing rumours of "will they won't they", it looks like they're finally committed. Whatever their limitations, there are some things worth going to Aldi for. For everything else... we have the duopoly.

Speaking of groceries I found a new kind of cooking oil a week or so ago at Woolies called Rice Bran oil. It claims to be cholesterol free and has a high smoke point. I made my last batch of wontons with them and so far it lives up to its hype. It was on special at Woolies for about $13 for a 4 litre can. My mother-in-law who's something of an expert in this area gave her stamp of approval so all round I think it's something worth looking into.

Okay... I'm in a coughing frenzy once again. It's my cue to take a break from ze internet and life in general.

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