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Sunday, November 7, 2010


A few months ago, I found some decent hair scissors at my local Priceline and since then I reached new heights in haircutting. You know the saying about a bad workman blaming his tools... well, that doesn't always apply.
I don't deny that I'm a mediocre hairdresser but having the right tools in this instance can make a difference. At least you know the hair gets cut.
Years ago, I bought a haircutting kit. That was during my B.C. days, when I was full of good intentions and not much else. I supposed to cut the husband's hair and save us oodles of moolah but after one semi-disastrous attempt I was bitten and became really shy. It came with a video (last century technology)... which has gone AWOL for over a decade now so I have to rely on memory which is dangerous.   The scissors that came with it was pretty dull... and lame. The only thing it was probably good for was cutting paper or one strand of hair at a time. It was joyless to use and was practically impossible to do anything with. Trimming the fringe with blunt blades was fiddly and frustrating.

I've always been a bit hesitant about cutting the children's hair especially the 9 year old's because she goes to school with mini-people who have a habit of saying what they think and well, with my history it could end up a dog's breakfast. Still, I've been watching our regular hairdresser carefully and last term when we had the plague of the headlice, I decided to take matters into my own hands.
Someone from the King of Knives shop directed me to Priceline... not sure why I didn't think of them sooner. As soon as I procured a pair of sharp scissors, I dove right into domestic hairdressing with a vengence. I followed the shape of the 3 year old's head and cut her hair as short as I could without crossing over to the Sinead O'Connor look. I didn't worry about her being mistaken for a boy because she's mostly in skirts, dresses and pink things. What's more... I even did the whole layering thing WITHOUT using a bowl or clips.

Who knew that haircutting could be a pleasure?!

I cut the 9 year old's fringe and took a couple of centimetres off the back for good measure. Then I sent her to the hairdresser to get it tidied up. School kids can be very insensitive and cruel so I tread carefully here.

Anyway, I cut the 3 year old's hair yesterday and it was like trying to hold down a piece of paper on a windy day. Still it turned out alright. It looked like the previous haircut and the 3 year old offered to sweep up the mess and dump what was into the bin. The newly shingled preschooled seemed highly tickled by the bits of hair sitting in the bin.

Haven't touched the 9 year old's hair yet...


  1. I have boys and a husband. All bar one of them we use a razor on - a number 6 I think. The youngest is a bit trickier because his hair is thinner and looks dreadful with a number 6. So we're experimenting on it. It has been more than 8 years since any of them went to a hairdresser. Great for minimising expenditure, especially as we live in Japan and haircuts here are quite expensive, although with exchange rates I think we're getting closer to Australia all the time. Good on you.

  2. Konichiwa Wendy! Thanks for commenting.
    Now that I'm a stay-at-homer, I'm trying to expand my skill set and save money. I'm pretty chuffed with my recent efforts and having a decent scissors makes all the differenc in the world.


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