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Sunday, November 28, 2010


What a week this has been! Back home from our overseas jaunt... weary and glad to be back on home soil among the comforts of home. I've been telling people that if there was a way to take my pillows everywhere with me, travelling would be much more of a pleasure.
I'd like to blog more about that in the next week but things have been just a little busy around here plus one seems to need a bit of rest and relaxation post travel.
I was going through all the photos from our trip a couple of days ago and came to the conclusion that though between the husband and I, we took over 800 pics, it was at the end of the day, oddly insufficient. Pictures don't and can't convey the breadth and depth of the trip adequately. But it isn't just that... it's impossible to capture every significant moment with so much happening all around you... with children to mind.
7 days... a very short time, no doubt but we definitely kept ourselves busy. Or at least we were kept busy. I even found myself in the outpatient unit of a hospital in Central Java, running a temperature of 39.2 degrees celsius.

Travelling overseas with children is never dull or boring... It pays to be prepared for all kinds of situations with food bribes and activity books but more on that later.

The husband and the 3 year old seem to have brought home an incubating stomach bug. It's like toilet training all over again.

Now I remember why we haven't been overseas together as a family since the birth of the 9 year old.

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