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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We're Going on a Junk Hunt

I informed the husband today that we are sorely in need of security cameras around the house so that I can monitor the 3 year old's every move while being stationery in one location. She has this dizzying ability to move items around the house more quickly than your local fence so that there's no way of tracking where Barbie's left boot is going to end up.
The most terrifying place at our house is under the 3 year old's bed and if there's a way of hooking up a camera or some kind of alarm in there, it would be a life saver. Something very very loud that is triggered off by touch. I want the duvalackey to blare down her ears every time she dumps tissues, food wrappings or some newly destroyed toy down her makeshift chute. Occasionally, she's been known to squirrel food down there which is quite unnecessary really as she's not backward in pinching food from the kitchen when hit by the hunger pangs.

So I sent her down into the Underworld... to do a clean out. A junk hunt. As expected, she protested (some of that was probably motivated by fear) but realised that mummy did really mean business when I pointed to the rubbish bag I had brought in. And I made the usual threats about vacumming everything in sight. So she commenced work around the edges moving clothes, papers, toys and pencils out of the way before venturing a little further to grapple with tissues, food wrappers and plastic cups.
Funny she thought I needed a running commentary, describing to me every single item she pulled out (and who it belonged to) from the dark place. It must have been her way of breaking the monotony.

I suppose it doesn't take a climate scientist to see that when I tell the children to put their stuff away or tidy their rooms, their little brains compute that as "push it under the bed". I suppose I'm no less culpable... I need to spend more time going on "Junk Hunts" with my girls. Who knows, I might end up writing a bestseller.

And I need more of those long flat roller boxes that go under the bed.

I'm sure there's a Pixar film to be found in there somewhere.

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