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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A week and a half later, I've finally mustered enough energy and courage to tackle the suitcases. A vestige from the recent overseas jaunt. It was fun filling them with junk but not so much having to unpack them. Didn't have the energy or inclination before... and nobody else volunteered to do it. Typical really... the dreary stuff... automatically designated "Mummy's Job". I hasten to add  however, that I did all the necessary washing the day we arrived home but the clean clothes, the books we took with us, the shopping, gifts, vitamins, antihistamine, and miscellaneous gadgetry like chargers were left to sit undisturbed. A few necessary items to take along on our trip. So saith the gadget addict, who would languish away in despair if she didn't have one or two at hand. Fortunately, as it turned out, I had the sense not to take the laptop with me. After this trip... I've developed an aversion to X-ray machines... a case of security overdose.

Yeah it's a cliche but curiously, suitcases are baggage both in the literal and metaphorical sense. No doubt they say a lot about the owner... even (or especially) when they're lying in the lounge area undisturbed by the hum and rhythm of life. We brought along 3 of varying sizes with us... and they contained items some of which mean little to others but mean the world to us. Because we had children to mind, I didn't want to lumber us with unnecessary weight... 3 flights there and back. From international airports to domestic terminals and vice versa. Carting suitcases, hand luggage to and fro only makes one so much more aware of our dependence on STUFF. From that point of view, we did do the unusually wise thing.

From time to time on this blog, I bray and lament about aging, lack of sleep and how that affects one's parenting. Whatever problems one might have in the ordinary course of life is exacerbated several times over when travelling. Clearly, it's an obvious thing to say but when you have children to think about, apart from yourself, the stress levels increase and that has ramifications for one's physical and mental health.

When the kids turn ratty on you in a public place, you feel the heat of two hundred judgemental eyes in the airport lounge boring in your direction. But there's no where to go or hide.

When you're driving in a car miles away from the basic amenities and you hear a little voice say, "I need to go to the toilet, mummy." You know that nature is your best bet.

The Squabbling Sisters are in conflict at the back of the vehicle you're in with four other people. The dispute is over who should sit where or who's turn it is on the iPod Touch. Glaring doesn't work and your parenting creds are on the line.

You're in the check-in queue and the 3 year old wants to do a runner. Oh yeah... it's all fun and games... but luckily you've got the Bright Bots harness strap to keep her in line.

Your flight's been delayed again... You scramble to find a place to sit... but settle on the cold hard floor in the airport lounge. You pull out the sticker books to keep the kiddies occupied and thank God that you made the necessary preparations for such situations.

The baggage that we carry in ourselves is not so easy to jettison... habits, sleep issues and parenting styles. But at the end of the day, adaptability is the name of the game.

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