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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

CS Lewis: Not Just an Author of Children's Books

I've kind of change my mind about the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I still don't think it's as good an adaptation as the first film or even second film but it's primary importance in popular culture will lie in its flow on effect.
I suspect that it will encourage another generation of Narnia readers, but more importantly, another generation of  CS Lewis readers. CS Lewis, the popular Christian apologist and sometime social commentator. Hence, I want lots of people to see the movie and preferably pay for it as well so that we can get The Silver Chair and The Last Battle adapted for the screen also.

The Powerline blog had a great post Lewis' a couple of days ago. The post contains a great reading list and literature review which I'd like to encourage people who still read this blog to use as a resource.
One of my MOPS friends, Amanda asked me to recommend a couple of good reference materials to share with skeptical non-Christian friends. I immediately suggested Lewis' Mere Christianity, which has helped many people get their heads around the intellectual objections to the Christian faith.
Some of you might be thinking... I don't have time or energy to read... and I get that. I'd like you, however, to consider audio books. A CD or a downloaded MP3 can help take the monotony off your housework. Audible has a number of Lewis' books on audio and it's cheaper than getting the CDs.
I note also that our local libraries have stock of many audio books and for a minimum fee, one can put a hold on choice items.
Focus on the Family has dramatized the Narnia chronicles and The Screwtape Letters on audio and from all accounts they're pretty good. I believe David Suchet (Hercule Poirot) does the voice of Aslan in this production and Andy Serkis from LOTR fame plays Screwtape, the senior devil.
The Focus on the Family radio plays are available at your local Christian bookstore, The Book Depository, Amazon and Audible.


  1. I'm reading the Voyage of Dawn Treader to my kids. WE are loving it. CS Lewis is great.
    It surprised to read that some libraries charge for audio books. Our library lends them free. (The last audio book I got out was in October)

  2. Voyage of the Dawn Treader is terrific! It's my favourite. So glad that you're exposing your kids to some of the best in the English language.

    Clarification: Libraries only charge for items that we put on hold.


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