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Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Indonesian Adventure

Adventure is another one of those words... like passion and postmodern... that are overused and not understood. At least not in the same way by everyone.
It used to be that "adventure" had a an extra-ordinary sense to it. Not something you would do normally like you know... get on the tardis with the Doctor... or climb mountains or even a bit of travel in a neighbouring village/town/country.
Now everyone has adventures, in their own backyard or at the shopping mall... so the word has lost its potency... and has become synonymous with the word "fun". Like many of its predecessors, it is probably doomed to become a cliche if it hasn't already.

So I hesitate to invoke it in my situation. Except that my life is generally quite mundane... and I generally prefer it that way.
Going overseas with two children... one of whom generates hyperkinetic energy merely by licking a biscuit... would be a giant step for me... taking me out of my comfort zone. Short car rides to the local Domino's Pizza with the girls can turn into something maddening and explosive. Especially when we're talking about two small people who squabble when one of them looks at the other the wrong way.

So why did we go? Because a close family member was getting married in Indonesia... and was providing us the necessary financial incentive to get there. So why not? A once in a lifetme opportunity to do something a bit different. To visit another country, become the foreigner and be reminded about how the situation at Babel has become our legacy.

In the end, most of the really annoying stuff happened at the airports and at the back of the van. Yeah, the kids squabbled... over food, over space, over stuff... I suppose the Almighty had to remind us that the plane trip doesn't change the inner child all that much.
A pity.

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  1. would be nice to know where you went in Indonesia. Always nice to add news places of interest as options for the children's holidays.


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