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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shop Prop

I do declare I have...finally...finished up my Christmas shopping for 2010.
Yes, indeed.

Little o'l me.

I've been telling lies (inadvertently) to various people the past 2 weeks about being mega organized and finishing my shopping. An empty boast it turned out to be.
In my defence, I had forgotten the Secret Santa thing that we do with our in-laws annually, but they hadn't gotten around to organizing the whole shebang, so I kinda... forgot.

Then earlier today as I walked past shelves of chocolatey goodness, I shamefacedly remembered that I hadn't given our wonderful kindy teachers anything.

Christmas shopping began in July with the Target Toy Sale and I picked up my last item at Angus and Robertson today.
However if I'm required to be strictly technical about it, I could point to the post-Christmas sales of the previous year as the start of my Christmas shopping.
My timeline is cyclical rather than linear.

I'm also one of those people who casually pick up presents all year round and by the time I'm ready to think about Christmas, I forget that I have a stash of goodies lying idly in a plastic bag accumulating dust in the study.

I blame the weather of course, but getting those gifts wrapped felt like a chore this year and by the time I got to gift no.3, I was ready to go for the bag option.
Except that I have 2 substantial rolls of paper left from last year that could easily last me another three Christmases. And quite obviously, I had to buy another one from Crazy Clark's for reasons of variety. Wrapping all of our gifts from the same roll would be so oh-so tacky.

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